Today I went to Ralphs to get my 6 months old baby food. I was standing in the middle of baby food aisle for awhile trying to figure whether I should get my baby's food in organic or not.

I was asking myself....hmmm so less pesticide in baby food is good but then are they fresh? Cause the color and the texture looks so much different from the commercial ones. (commercial seems to have nicer color and smoother in texture)

Then I look at the price....organic is only 10 cents more ...so it's not that bad to try it out.

So I ended up buying organic ones.

Now i'm sitting here asking myself....Should I continue purchasing organic baby food?

I did some research and found out that organic foods had less residues pesticides than those conventionally grown foods (which is good) And both organic and conventional contain same amount of vitamins and minerals. (source: www.consumerreports.org) So my instinct were right. 

Tips: buy in bulk and bring coupons. Ralphs do double coupon. ALWAYS check expiration dates.

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Today we went to our favourite BBQ place in Venice, Bondi BBQ Australian Style. They have the best bbq I ever had. Nice, juicy and tender, they made it just perfect. Not too sweet. We tried BBQ from various place such as Tony Roma's, Claim Jumper, Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ or Famouse Dave's Pit BBQ (long beach), nothing compare to Bondi BBQ.

Our favourite dish is Double Trouble which includes baby back ribs, beef ribs and one side with Garlic bread ($10.95) . We also love the chicken BBQ (not dry, nice and juicy). Our favourite sides are shoestring fries and coleslaw. Their Garlic bread made with real chops Garlic (not powder or butter type)

Real home cooking taste at great price. This is not a fansy type of restaurant. It's semi fastfood but home cooking taste. Our favourite sitting spot is in the back patio.

So if you plan to go Venice beach, stop by and you won't be dissappointed. Just walkin distance to the shopping alley by the beach.

How to get there: http://www.bondibbq.com/

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Where can I get the cheapest baby formula? (other than craigslist)

I have been looking to buy the cheapest formula out there, both online and retail stores, so far Costco has the best price!

My baby is drinking Similac Isomil Powder Formula. We usually buy Extra Large Can 36oz. at costco for $29. It's the cheapest, we found so far.

Can we trust those people who sell cheap formula on Ebay? Is that Authentic I wonder??

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My husband and I got baby ORBIT stroller when i was 4 months pregnant. We chose this stroller because it looks pretty cool and it can turn 360 degree. About a month after we bought it, we found out that Nicole Richie is using the same one for her newborn (which was cool!) Not only it can turn 360, cool design, it's so safe! How safe??? Watch the video, you'll know what I mean...so Funny! But REALLY, it's the safest stroller around.

Where to buy: www.happymothers.com (no sales tax)

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Mommy can you get me out???

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For Our Little PuPu

Author:For Our Little PuPu

Thank you for visiting my blog!!

I know I know....childcare sounds pretty boring.
Why not Dating, Love & Romance or Gossip???

Well, you'll never know.
It's all start when my first son came home from hospital the first day and he cried hours and hours.

We fed him, burb him, put him to bed, and still didn't stop crying. He cried so much that his face turn red.
....it seems like he felt uncomfortable.

What should I do?

Gosh, I just got out of hospital, my C-section was hurting me
and I can't really hold him for a long time.

So finally, we figured that maybe it's the milk that causing him
to feel uncomfortable. So we tried Similiac Soy Formula,
since then, my husband and I were able to at least sleep in
at night.

We learn something new everyday.
And I hope I can share this little journey with all of new mom
out there.

So Enjoy! as my New Mom Journey Begins.

- .

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